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Do you dream of your ideal home? Do you keep a collection of images or videos meant to inspire your new office design? Share your ideas with a commercial and home remodeling expert at A.S. Hathaway Construction in Big Sky & Bozeman, MT. We'll turn your ideal vision into your real home or office. To speak with us about business and home renovations, call 406-570-0117 today.

5 creative renovation ideas

5 creative renovation ideas

If you are seeking inspiration for your business or home remodeling project, speak with our experts. We can discuss which features of your building to highlight, how remodeling can suit your property and how we can showcase your personal style and taste.

To inspire you, here are five ideas for business and home renovations:

1. Create more free-flowing space by giving your building an open floor plan.
2. Update your commercial building with modern features, like new flooring.
3. Remodel your home kitchen and be proud to cook for guests again.
4. Replace vinyl siding with a more beautiful, high-quality stone veneer.
5. Design a new, welcoming entrance to your home or business.

Can you imagine these new features in your home or business? Are you pondering others? Call 406-570-0117 to speak with a home remodeling expert today.


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Not loving the look of your interiors? Want a layout that better suits your needs? Contact A.S. Hathaway Construction. Our contractors have completed remodeling projects of all types and can help you transform your home! Discuss your ideal living situation, budget and aesthetic with one of our team members. We'll bring your vision to life and help you choose the right fixtures, paint colors and appliances for the new space!


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No matter what type of remodeling project you have in mind, our team will make sure that the finished product fits in with the rest of your home. We'll help you make the choices to bring your vision and new space to life!